Intro to Chart Interpretation


The Ninth House is excited to have Hummer and Bitty back to host another astrology series. 

This time, they will be teaching a 10 class In- Person series, Introduction to Chart Interpretation, which will run on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30pm beginning January 19th.

In this Astrology 102 series, students will learn to deeply explore your own birth chart. A workbook will be provided for each student to create your own story of what your birth chart means. Each planet’s placement will be examined to identify the strengths and obstacles present. We will challenge and assist you in broadening your perspective, seeing the range of expressions possible, and mapping out next steps in your self-growth and development.

The class will be structured around 2-3 major astrology chart components. Each will be explored with brief presentations of information, activities to help visualize and experience that energy, small break out groups, and a closing synthesis discussion.

We plan to continue to work with props as physical representations of the astrological symbols/archetypes. This series invites students to get personal and go deep, with the understanding that class is a safe space to do so, and personal information remains confidential.

*The Intro to Astrology Series is not a prerequisite for taking this class but we expect students to have a basic understanding of all the primary astrological symbols (signs, houses, planets, and aspects).