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Roachie | Bone Reader

Roachie Tea Leaf Readings Tucson

Roachie has been studying the art of bone reading for four years now and has found that interpreting this form of divination has come quite naturally. Roachie has always since a very young age had a strong connection with the earth element. This form of scrying has been performed across a plethora of cultures around the world and is a unique experience from one bone reader to the next.
In Roachie’s collection of bone reading materials can be found not just bones but also various stones, seeds, shells and manmade items such as shoestrings, coins and keys. Every item has a specific meaning and intention based on how the item was used prior to it becoming a part of the kit.
For example, a seed can be used to interpret rebirth or new beginnings, while the shoestring can be an interpretation of tying and binding things together. Depending on how the items fall or are placed in front of the reader can determine an infinite amount of possible outcomes. For your reading you can ask a specific question that you would like answered or you can go into the reading entirely open minded.
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Instagram: @PUTRIDroaches
$30 for 20 minutes

Kim Stoll | Bone Reader

Kim Stoll Bone Reader

Kim Stoll is a poet and witch who channels the wisdom of the other-than-human worlds around us through her bone throwing practice. Bone throwing is a form of divination via casting a collection of small objects such as bones, shells, trinkets, etc. Kim throws on either a rabbit hide surface or wheel of the year mat with a custom set of animal bones that she is always adding to. As a bone reader, Kim interprets the messages of the animal spirits & archetypal energies that animate the bones.

Kim believes our stories are what shape us, and through divination we can tell ourselves new stories, create futures and find maps back through the past and into our interiors. Bone reading is Kim’s tool to help illuminate possibilities and paths of understanding for her clients. 


"My bone throw with Kim was inspiring, thought-provoking, and memorable. When we began, Kim invited the animals’ spirits to join us around the table. When considering how and where the bones fell, she connected the unique strengths and characteristics of each species to my inquiry and enhanced my understanding of my problem. I really appreciated how this divination experience was connected to the natural world and honored the animals from whom the lessons came." — Karen H. 

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Instagram: @kaystoll11