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Roachie | Tea Leaf Reader
Roachie Tea Leaf


Roachie has been a tea connoisseur for much of her life; going through various phases of existence where drinking tea daily has become a pure indulgence. After years of expanding her palette she has begun to explore the metaphysical proterties of tea.

Since Roachie innately has a deep connection with the Earth element, she foresaw that just like her natural skill in the reading of bones, the reading of tea leaves couldn't be much different. Sure enough, this assumption has proven accurate. 

View this experience as a tea ceremony. You can ask a specific question while sipping your tea or we can enter into this ritual very open minded with no specific intention. We can call upon assistance from whomever you would like to be present for this reading; deities, ancestors, spirit guides or otherworldly entities. Once your tea is consumed, Roachie will examine the bottom of your cup and look for various shapes and forms that will assist her in intuitively interpreting and giving you guidance and clarity. 

Contact Roachie
Instagram: @PUTRIDroaches
$35/25 minutes
Tea Leaf Reading