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This offering stems from Melisa and Jesse hearing the same thing over and over again, across years of client interactions, and looking for a way to meet this need. Melisa heard it day after day  from customers walking into The Ninth House and Jesse heard it over and over again across hundreds of readings…People who know they have some kind of skills or abilities (often shut down in self defense as a child, or shamed or scared out of them by their families), they can sense that their dreams are getting clearer, their intuition stronger, they may be seeing things they don’t understand— but people around them think they’re crazy. The internet is a jumble of information- from ridiculous to downright dangerous, and finding the accurate and useful nuggets feels impossible. They want to learn, but don’t know how. 
This is where the Threshold comes in. What started out as the idea to host a 3 day retreat to meet this need blossomed, by necessity, into a full six week container. It includes three in person workshops that we believe are the most essential framework and foundational knowledge and tools to move into this practice in a safe and empowered way ( another danger we have both seen is people jumping into the deep end without the tools to protect themselves).You will learn foundational spiritual Protection and boundary work, how to Listen spiritually, to how your messages and guides come through for you, and how your unique gifts are operating, and then how to Connect with your guides, ancestors, etc. This will be tied together week by week with guided homework and journal prompts, plus access to an online community for ongoing support and a place to get your questions answered as they come up while you are putting the tools into practice. 
We will bring all of this knowledge and practice together into a ritual retreat weekend- a threshold crossing, where you will be safely guided through stepping into your spiritual power and gifts. This retreat will be a powerful liminal experience hosted on a beautiful property in Arivaca, Arizona.