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The Workshops

Three workshops preceding the Threshold Retreat. Participants will also receive a guided journal to work through between classes. 

Session One: Protect 

In any spiritual work, progress comes with openness and receptivity, but often this feels dangerous if you have abilities you haven’t had control over or known how to shut off. PROTECT will teach you the first step in managing your psychic abilities: Psychic and Spiritual Protection. If we learn to put a boundary around ourselves, we can work safely within it to develop. 

You’ll learn:

  • A simple protection process
  • Some quick circuit-breaking practices for when you feel something off in your field
  • A simple question series to use for separating other people’s energy from your own. 
  • There will be homework between this session and the next! Please be prepared to put your learning into practice. 

Session Two: Listen 

In order to receive what Spirit/Our Guides/Our Abilities are delivering, we have to be able to manage the chatter of everyday life. 

We will be learning simple and effective strategies for meditation and mindfulness practices and discussing what these concepts are and are not, so that we feel informed and able to move into a regular practice of deep and intentional  listening. 

Be prepared to put these concepts into practice for ongoing group chat and personal practice. 

Session Three: Connect

Each of us has guides, deities, ancestors, angels, spirits, and other spiritual beings who are here to support us and guide us on our way. You likely have a sense of that guidance, and may have guesses about who is with you.

Learn concrete and practical ways to use to reach out, identity, and connect with your personal spiritual circle/council/tribunal (they’ll tell you what they want to be called). We will also walk through the pace and process of this meeting - as it often doesn’t happen the way we expect it to!

With the tools to regularly connect with your guides, as well as the tools learned in Protect and Listen, you will continue to practice and hone your skills as we move towards our retreat.