A Witch's Guide to Spellcraft


Explore the Mechanics of Spellcraft with a Focus on Results

While there is more to witchcraft than casting spells, it’s hard to deny that spellcraft still plays a key part and is often how many of us start out in the magickal arts. But like most aspects of witchcraft, spellcraft is not easy. Lighting a thousand candles and reciting just as many beautifully rhyming words will not, in themselves, get the job done. It takes concerted and consistent effort to develop, hone, and maintain the skills and abilities that are necessary to make the magick go.

Yet the ability to work effective magick is there for us all, and by making simple changes in your approach, you can create deep and lasting changes within your life.

If you would do the work to be effective...

  • learn how to determine the magickal correspondence of any object
  • troubleshoot failed spells so you can be more effective with your magick
  • become a stronger witch through active spell casting and find direction for your personal practice
  • dissolve the separation between magick and the mundane so you can create real and lasting change in your life