Dark Paganism


Discover a New, Life-Changing Spiritual Paradigm

Look inward. Explore the shadows. Honor your Divine Self and elevate it to a higher state of being. Frater Tenebris introduces you to Dark Paganism, a deeply personal and individualized philosophy that focuses on transformation and shadow work. He guides you through the nine Dark Pagan principles, which help you develop a version of yourself flourishing in all that you do. Ranging from self-knowledge and acceptance to magick and environmental mastery, the Dark Pagan principles show how to build confidence, trust yourself, and create a meaningful life. You'll also delve into Dark Pagan ethics and how to improve your relationships and community by knowing yourself better. Featuring detailed research and self-reflection questions for each chapter, this book supports your journey of personal evolution.

Includes a foreword by John J. Coughlin, author of Out of the Shadows