El Camino Oracle


El Camino Oracle guides us through an enlightening journey that honors ancestral wisdom and celebrates cultural heritage. The 44 cards, with titles in Spanish and English, feature pre-Columbian imagery and folk art presented in the vivid colors of traditional textiles. In the 112-page illustrated guidebook, Sabina shares stories for context and prompts for assimilating the cards’ concepts into our daily lives. While her family’s own immigrant experience is steeped in Caribbean and Hispanic roots, El Camino Oracle offers all of us the universal gift of self-discovery.

I'm loving Espinet's work. "Walking in an immigrant's shoes is a precarious balancing act of navigating two worlds. It means having each foot planted in a different place and not completely belonging in either one, but knowing that you are supported by the richness of your ancestry. In Spanish, camino refers to a path, road, journey, or the way." You will find rich Caribbean and Hispanic roots in this deck. The artwork reminds me of tapestries. Just an absolutely divine gem. Espinet is undoubtedly a star to be watching. Can't wait to see what exquisite deck she creates next.
—Benebell Wen, Tarot Author & Reviewer at benebellwen.com