Hearth - Chocolate Lavender Heart Opener


Hearth is an alluring rooibos-based blend with rich base notes of cacao, elderberry, and true cinnamon that harmonize with calming aromas of warm vanilla, lavender, and red rose.

A grounding aphrodisiac tea that sings open the heart, elevates the mood, stabilizes blood sugars, and tonifies the liver.  “Hearth” contains heart 🔸hear 🔸ear 🔸art 🔸earth – and is crafted to bring a gentle warmth to the heart, as well as a sense of restoration and nourishment to the inner heart-spaces we require for dreaming, sharing, and listening.

Rose,* rooibos,* blackberry leaf,* honeybush,* cacao,* lavender,* sarsaparilla root,* true cinnamon,* coconut,* dandelion root,* orange peel,* chicory root,* vanilla bean* —

*certified organic | caffeine-free