Huntress- Earl Energy Tonic


Huntress- Earl Energy Tonic is built on a lush, fragrant earl grey, accompanied by aromatic notes of rose and English lavender, grounded by the earthy aromas of Ceylon cinnamon and oak.

Huntress features the time-honored Ayurvedic herb shatavari, as well as the important Traditional Chinese adaptogens Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo bilboa. Taken together, these herbs help support healthy endocrine function and metabolic vitality by working to replenish adrenals, help balance blood sugars, improve circulation, and increase focus, stamina, and positive mood when consumed on a regular basis.

Ingredients: Fine fair-trade and organic black teas,* orange peel,* cinnamon bark,* ginkgo,* lavender,* rose petal,* siberian ginseng,* shatavari,* white oak,* essence of bergamot —

*certified organic | contains caffeine