Crystal Mala Intention Bracelet


Wearing crystals is an easy way to add energy and intention into your day. You can choose one bracelet with the energy you want to invite into your life each day, or layer multiple!

Amethyst purifies the mind, clearing negative thoughts, patterns and habits. Supportive of sobriety journeys. Facilitates intuition and clear communication; inner knowing and trust. Crown chakra.

Rose Quartz is The stone of Love. Openness to unconditional love and compassion, including self-love. Restores trust and harmony. Opens heart chakra.

Green Aventurine is an excellent stone for good luck and prosperity!  One of the best stones to center a prosperity or abundance grid. Heals the Heart chakra and promotes harmony and balance.

Labradorite Reveals hidden truths and stimulates creativity and connection to higher levels of  consciousness. Can increase psychic awareness. Third Eye and Crown chakras.

Rhodonite Brings soothing and fortifying energy to the heart, as well as much needed grounding. It helps to cultivate self love, compassion, and empathy that is rooted in deep inner strength.

Clear quartz is the "Master Healer," as it can be programmed for any positive intention. It will amplify the energy around it. It aids in manifestation, clarity of thought, and clearing energy. Can be used to work with all chakras. 

Lava Stone holds the power of volcanoes, created through destruction and chaos. An anchor to the earth and your own inner strength.. Grounding. Base chakra. Can also hold essential oils. 

Dalmatian Jasper Helps to reconnect you to your playful nature and reintroduce joy & fun into your life. Combats exhaustion and boredom. Helps to break down barriers that you created, but that no longer serve you.

Carnelian Bring your sexy back. The stone of passion, vitality, and confidence. Gives you a kick in the pants and the courage to take bold action. Root and Sacral chakras. (Note- the stone beads on this bracelet are larger and the price is slightly higher).

Bracelets contains natural stone beads and geometric accent, and natural color variation is normal.