Summer School 2022


Join The Ninth House shop witches for a summer school unlike any other! We will be offering an 8 week curriculum of all of the witchy basics. Sign up for one, or. take them all! Break out of the Tucson heat and learn some magic!

Each class will be 1.5 hours and a special discount will be extended that evening to class participants. Classes will be Thursday evenings starting June 30. 
Please note that classes with an * will require masks. 

Summer School Curriculum 2022

6/30 Own Your Candle Magick with Astyn  The first class of our Summer School series! In this class you'll learn candle magic basics. You will learn about candle colors, setting intentions, and simple spells to get you started! Your instructor: Astyn Quander

7/7 Tarot 101 with Melisa The second class of our Summer School series! In this class you'll learn the foundations of the system of Tarot. Learn the elemental associations with the suits, numerology and the structure of the deck. Your instructor: Melisa Doran Cole

7/14  Crafting and Casting with Bash* In this 90 minute intensive we will discuss best practices in casting and discover the pillars of energetic manipulation within spellwork. Come prepared to weave a web of Magick. Your Instructor: Bash Quesenberry

7/21 Working with Herbs with Astyn In this class you will learn about the magical properties of various herbs and how to incorporate them into your practice. Your instructor: Astyn Quander

7/28 Cleansing & Clearing with Bash* Energy is an innate vibration held within all we are and all we encounter. In this 90 minute intensive we will learn best practices around cleansing our home, our aura and our magickal tools. Come prepared to experience an energetic reset. 

8/4   Mindful Spirituality with Hannah In this 90 minute interactive session, learn tools for practicing mindfulness, meditation and how to incorporate these practices into your spirituality and amplify your intuition. 

8/11 Energetic Protection with Bash * Energetic protection is the foundation of any successful craft/spiritual practice. In this 90 minute intensive we will look at physical and metaphysical ways to up your defenses and set appropriate boundaries in your practice. Come prepared to reclaim your spiritual authority.

8/18   Crystal Grids with Brittany*  In this hour and a half session, we will explore what a crystal grid is, and how to use them to amplify your intentions in your ritual work. We will cover simple grids, to more complex grids, and everything in between. Bring something to write with!