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How to use Pocket Stones

How to use Pocket Stones

Pocket stones (or tumbled crystals) are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to start working with crystals. Learn how to use, cleanse and charge your stones!

Working with crystals and stones is a great way to connect our energy to the world around us. When we hold a stone, it harmonizes with our energy. We become partners in a common goal. With a little maintenance, we can experience major benefits.

When selecting a stone, we first need to know what we want to achieve. However, sometimes it is difficult to know what we’re looking for. When this happens, we can trust our intuition to find the right stone. Remember - You are the Magick!
10 Ways to work with Pocket Stones
  1. Meditate/Rest with stones on or near you- feel and absorb their energy.
  2. Add to spell pouches and jars to support your desired intentions. 
  3. Place near burning spell candles- after the candle burns out, you can keep the stone which has been infused with that energy!
  4. Create an energy grid with a combination of stones and clear quartz points for gridding. 
  5. Lay atop written desires or petitions to boost the energy of your manifestation.
  6. Set on window sills or door frames. Black tourmaline is one of our favorites for creating a protective grid around your home!
  7. Carry stones in your pocket or on your person for a boost of the energy you desire that day. Excellent if you work in difficult environments or have an important event that day like a job interview or date!
  8. Place in your vehicle for protection and blessings.
  9. Add to your potted plants or garden. Plants love the extra energy too! (Hot tip: Don't use selenite, it will dissolve as you water your plant!!)
  10. Use in your bathing/showering space. *Make sure stones are water-safe.
It’s important to clear your stones before a new intention and at the end of energetic work. Keep in mind what you’re clearing out, whether you want to remove the energy of the day or completely reset the stone. 
How to Cleanse your pocket stones
  • Smoke from incense or herb bundle
  • Place in a bowl of salt or white rice for 12-72 hours 
  • Bury in the dirt for 12-72 hours
  • Energy modalities such as Reiki, Prana Alignment, Intercessory Prayer, etc.
  • Sound - snapping, clapping, ringing of bells, sound bowl, music, etc. (this one is our favorite.. if you've been to the shop you'll notice we cleanse all your crystals this way at purchase!)
Once the stone is cleansed, we charge it with our intention. If your intention is not clear, you may charge it with gratitude while your intention evolves. There is no wrong way to charge your stone.
Ways to charge your pocket stones
  • Meditation. Hold it in your hand as you sit in contemplation.
  • Lay it under the desired lunar cycle (Full Moons are most commonly used--- don't put stones out under eclipses, as the energy is too chaotic!)
  • Place on top of the corresponding Tarot card to imbue it with the energy of that card (some ideas: Strength, The Fool, Queen of Pentacles or The Lovers)
  • Lighting a chime candle of the desired intention (how to choose a candle color for your intention)
  • Energy modalities such as Reiki, Prana Alignment, Intercessory Prayer, etc.

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While many stones hold healing properties, they are not substitutes for medical treatment. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, seek medical attention immediately.
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