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Leo Season Tarot Spread

Leo Season Tarot Spread

A tarot spread for Leo Season! Inspired by the Strength card this five card tarot spread focuses on inner strength, courage, and resilience. Use this spread to guide you through the Leo zodiac season and receive guidance on where you can tap into your inner Lion.

Tarot Spread for Leo Season with five cards based on the Strength Card

The Strength card typically features a serene woman gently taming a powerful lion with her bare hands. This imagery speaks volumes about the essence of true strength. Unlike raw physical or brute force, this card emphasizes the importance of inner strength, courage, and resilience. It reminds us that real power lies not in dominating external forces, but in mastering the wild energies within ourselves.

The presence of the lion signifies our primal instincts, raw emotions, and untamed desires. By calmly and lovingly taming the lion, the woman demonstrates the power of compassion and self-control. This card encourages us to embrace our inner vulnerabilities and confront our fears with grace and courage.

The infinity symbol above the woman's head represents an eternal cycle of strength and self-discovery. It symbolizes the unlimited potential that lies within each of us to overcome challenges and grow spiritually. It reminds us that strength is not a finite resource, but a wellspring of energy that can be accessed whenever needed.

The floral garland adorning the woman's head further reinforces the theme of harmony and gentleness. It symbolizes the integration of our animal instincts with our higher consciousness, fostering a sense of unity and balance within ourselves.

Overall, the Strength card is a powerful reminder that true strength is not about overpowering others or external circumstances. It is about harnessing our internal power, acknowledging our vulnerabilities, and facing life's challenges with love, compassion, and resilience. When this card appears in a reading, it urges us to find courage within, maintain composure amidst turmoil, and embrace our innate potential for growth and transformation.

Incorporating the wisdom of the Strength card into our lives can empower us to face adversity with confidence and grace, ultimately leading us to a path of self-discovery and inner harmony. Let the Strength card guide you on your journey to unleash the inner lion within and embrace the full spectrum of your authentic self.

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