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Rainbow colored chime candles for spellwork

Single Chime Spells Made Easy

Candle magick with a simple chime candle is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of magick you can do! Learn how!
The goal of any spell is transformation. The results of spellcasting can take time, so it is important to create goals that can be reviewed to examine your progress. 
 Candle Magick Basics
  • Select your candle based on your Intention (You may use color correspondences as shown below, or use your intuition!)
  • Take a moment to reflect on your Intention. You may wish to write it out or create a symbol or sigil to represent it. 
  • Hold the candle in your hands as you envision your intention or manifestation. Try to feel the energy of what you desire and fuse it into the candle.
  • Light candle with Intention. You may choose to sit and meditate and continue adding your intention into the candle as it burns. Chime candles typically last for about 30 minutes. 
  • Allow candle to burn all the way down - OR -
  • Snuff out the flame at the completion of the spell
  •       ** You may use a candle multiple times within an Intention. However-- DO NOT use a candle for multiple Intentions!
    What is your intention? Here are five ideas for suggested intentions and easy candle spells:
    Write the desired point of focus on a slip of paper.
    Light a brown or orange chime candle.
    State aloud your desired point of focus.
    Burn your slip of paper in the candle flame to finalize the work. 

    Light pink, lavender, or sky blue chime candle.
    Place a heart-centered stone in each hand. (ex: rose quartz or green aventurine)
    Place your hands over your heart.
    State Affirmation “I am deserving of love and kindness. I offer compassion to myself.” 

    Light a green or gold candle.
    Write your desires in a notebook, creating action steps and goals. 
    Check in with your action items and goals often.
    Re-Light your candle when returning to your notebook. 
    Great for working with the New Moon! 

    Letting Go
    Light a brown or black candle. 
    Steep rosemary (fresh or dried) in 4 oz hot water. Allow cooling.
    Fill another bowl with cold water. Add cooled rosemary water.
    Wash your hands in blended water. Reflect on how your life will improve by letting go.
    State Affirmation “I am letting go. I am letting go. I release into the flow. I am letting go.”
    Great for working with the Full Moon.
    Gather dirt from a safe place.
    Leave an offering energetically equal to what you’ve taken. 
    Make a circle around a black or red chime candle with dirt.
    Light the chime candle.
    Focus on your breath. With every inhale, envision your energy as a protective cloak. 
    **This is energetic spellcasting. If you are in physical danger and need protection, seek help immediately. 
    Colors for Candle Magick
    White: Can be used for all purposes. Goddess energy. Higher-self. Peace.
    Black: Protection, Repelling negative energy. Banishment
    Red: Passion. Love. Lust. Courage and strength. Fast action. Fire.
    Orange: Success. Property and legal matters. Education. Strength.
    Yellow: The Sun. Intelligence. Clarity. Confidence. Creativity. Air.
    Green: Money. Fertility. Luck. Abundance. Physical healing.  Earth
    Blue: Wisdom. Communication. Spiritual inspiration. Meditation. Healing. Water.
    Purple: Intuition. Psychic ability. Revealing hidden truths. Awareness.
    Pink: Affection. Care. Nurture. Self-love. Friendship. Joy.
    Brown: Concentration. Grounding. Stability.
    Gold: Expediency. God. Masculine energy. 
    Silver: Goddess. Feminine energy. Intuition. Dreams.
    Never leave candles burning unattended 
    While spells can impact our experience of day-to-day life, they are not a substitution for medical treatment. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, seek medical attention immediately.
    Please note, that item/meaning definitions can vary among traditions. If you are working within a formal lineage, we recommend working with a mentor.
    Purchase Supplies: 
    “A Witches Guide to Spellcraft” by Althaea Sebastiani
    The Book of Spells” by Jamie Della
    The Book of Candle Magic” by Madame Pamita
    Lighting the Wick: An Intuitive Guide to the Ancient Art & Modern Magic of Candles” by Sandra Mariah Wright & Leanne Marrama
    “The Candle Magic Spellbook: A Beginners Guide to Spells to Improve your Life” by Bridget Bishop
    “Candle Magic for Beginners: The Simplest Magic You Can Do” by Richard Webster
    “Advanced Candle Magick” by Raymond Buckland
    Blog post Written by Bash Quesenberry
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