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 Emma Vasseur | Evolutionary Astrology

Emma Vasseur Astrologer The Ninth House Tucson

Emma Vasseur is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach who utilizes the tools of Evolutionary Astrology and Craniosacral Bodywork to support her clients in finding their way back home to themselves.

With each of these modalities, Emma holds up a mirror for you to recognize, claim, honor and respect yourself.  Combining Evolutionary Astrology & Coaching creates a powerful container to identify your pain points, deepest desires, and strengths while simultaneously identifying the conditions needed for the change and healing you’re seeking in your life.  Astrology provides the map - highlighting habits keeping you stuck as well as the path toward healing.  Coaching keeps you at the center - honoring you as the expert and authority of your own life - and allows for ongoing accountability and support as you navigate the waters of change and healing. 

Emma offers walk-in Evolutionary Astrology readings at The Ninth House and more in depth readings by appointment, in-person or virtually.  Walk-in readings at the Ninth House are an opportunity for you to ask Emma anything about the basics of astrology, your personal birth chart, or something that is happening in your life that feels sticky or painful.  You will look at your chart together so she can address your questions and leave you feeling a bit more clear and connected to your personal power.

One of Emma’s intentions in this work is to assist you in liberating yourself from any societal, familial, and ancestral conditioning that does not serve you so that you can be free!  Free to be yourself and contribute what you’ve got in this wild world to make it a better place for all beings.  Please know that Emma does not subscribe to the type of “freedom” that is neglectful of consequence and deflects responsibility. 

She looks forward to seeing you at The Ninth House!

As above, so below, as within, so without

Contact Emma


Instagram: @emma._.vasseur


Walk-In / In-Person Sessions:

$20 for 20 mins / $60 for 60 mins

Contact via website for online appointments / rates


Bitty Fennie | Astrologer

Bitty Fennie Astrologer

Bitty is an astrologer who will look at your birth chart and help you identify your strengths, lessons, and where your soul is trying to get in this lifetime. She can tell you about the types of situations and people you are naturally attracting into your life. The readings are shaped by what the client would like to know and what intuitively jumps out to Bitty. She approaches every session with enthusiasm and curiosity and is very excited to work with you!

Contact Bitty:


Instagram: @silverlining_astrology 



Jeannine Burton | Astrologer

Jeannine Burton has been a student and practitioner of the art of Astrology for over 45 years. Her first exposure came from studying from her grandfather’s books as a preteen. In the mid-1970’s she became a formal student of The Old Astrologer’s Shop in Chicago. Since then she has continued formal as well as independent studies always working to hone her counseling and interpretation skills. Jeannine is quite passionate in sharing her astrological knowledge with others, using it to help them more deeply understand themselves: their strengths and talents as well as the challenges that block their full self-expression. She routinely sees how people interested in self-reflection can discover immeasurable amounts about themselves by looking at their Astrology Birth Chart and the way it unfolds and evolves over a lifetime.

She is retired from both in-patient psychiatric nursing (RN – 5 years) and computer programming (35 years). Jeannine has also been a life-long student of spiritual and metaphysical practices, particularly Native American ones. She intuitively and easily blends practical descriptions of astrology chart components with pragmatic information about the range of options available for how they can be expressed. She feels that weaving those individual pieces into a synthesized reflection of a real person is especially important to making astrology’s information accessible to all regardless of their astrological knowledge.

Jeannine loves working with anyone who wants to understand themselves more deeply, regardless of age. She especially enjoys talking with young adults to help them move forward from challenging childhood experiences into authentic independent adulthood. 

Contact Jeannine:


Phone: (520) 222-9348


Zoom session fee: $125 for 1 hour, with discounts offered for fixed or low-income folks

Natal, Relocated and Astrological Weather reports offered, as well as package pricing.