Labradorite Palm Stone


These Labradorite palm stones have gorgeous flash of blues, greens, golds, oranges and índigos, and feel heavy and grounded in your palm.

Spectrolite is a variety of labradorite known for displaying the full spectrum of colors. Spectrolite is helpful for clearing and balancing your aura. Helpful during times of transformation and self discovery as spectrolite helps you discover your unique strengths.

They can be held for assistance in meditation, journey work, and all intuitive and divining practices. They also offer protection in your spiritual journeys and magickal exploration of other levels of consciousness.

Labradorite corresponds with the Magician and and helps us to awaken our own powers within us--- the ultimate Own Your Magick stone. 

Upper chakras: Throat, Third eye, and Crown.

Each stone is unique and contains different colors and are slightly varied in size. Small is approx 2".

**Priced by size.