Chime Candles


The simplest way to add energy to your intention is to light a simple candle.

Choose a color that supports your intention (see the guide in photos!), spend a few moments holding the candle and  visualizing your intended outcomes, and the light! Let the candle burn all the way down for best energetic results. 

Add to your spellwork with anointing oils, herbs, carving sigils or phrases into the candle, or using the candles as part of a larger ritual. 

Learn more about simple chime candle spells

4 inch x 1/2inch

The Book of Candle Magic” by Madame Pamita
Lighting the Wick: An Intuitive Guide to the Ancient Art & Modern Magic of Candles” by Sandra Mariah Wright & Leanne Marrama
The Book of Spells” by Jamie Della