Chime Candles


Small candles used for candle magick, spellwork, petitions and prayers.

Burning a candle is one of the most basic ways to cast a spell. In its simplest form, you set an intention or say a prayer, and light the candle. 

You may wish to “dress” the candle with oil before using, to fuse your energy with the candle, and project your intention into it. You may also add herbs that correspond to your intention.

Once lit, you may burn a paper with your desires, say any incantations or prayers, and/or visualize receiving what you are asking to manifest. Always let the candle burn down completely.

Colors for Candle Magick

White: Can be used for all purposes. Goddess energy, higher self, peace.

Black: Protection, repelling negative energy. Banishment.

Red: Love spells. Passion, lust. Courage and strength. Fast action. Fire.

Orange: Success. Property and legal matters. Education. Strength.

Yellow: The Sun. Intelligence. Breaks mental blocks. Confidence, creativity. Air.

Green: Money. Fertility. Luck Abundance. Physical healing.  Earth

Blue: Wisdom. Communication. Spiritual inspiration. Meditation. Healing. Water.

Purple: Third eye, intuition and psychic ability. Revealing hidden truths. Awareness.

Pink: Affection, caring, nurturing. Self-love, friendship, joy.

Brown: Concentration, grounding, stabilizing.

Gold: Fast luck. God/masculine energy. 

Silver: Goddess/feminine energy. Intuition. Dreams.

Chime candle holder here

Metallic (gold and silver) chime candles here.

*Rainbow Pack includes 10 chime candles, one of each color listed above, and includes a discounted rate. Does not include metallic candles.

4 inch x 1/2inch